Inlet Ventilation Control

Prescon – Digital Air-Pressure Control System

The Prescon 2 is a stand-alone inlet vent controller that ensures constant air velocity through the vents for each stage of fan ventilation. This is achieved by using a sensitive differential pressure transducer to keep a constant negative pressure within the house. This method of inlet control has advantages over non-pressure systems because it takes into account locked-on fans, faulty fans and leaky houses, maintaining the same air speed through the inlets at all times. Additional features include:

  • Available to drive 1 or 2 inlet motors (2 motor unit has unique synchronising method)
  • Adjustable Maximum and Minimum inlet position
  • Dead Band and Response Time features to reduce adverse effects from wind
  • Manual override switching built-in
  • Compatible with our Motor Relay Units (MRU) for easy 24V installation


The precision micrcomputer based NVSZ Natural Ventilation Single Zone System designed and manufactured by CF Whaler Ltd. Provides touch button control of independently adjustable, high and low temperature thermostatically activated output contactors that may operate a motorised ventilator to control the environment temperature over a range of 0-40 degrees C.

T.C.V.L – Temperature Compensating Ventilator Linkage

All traditional linkages comprising of metal ropes and rods expand and contract with change in temperature which causes inlet ventilators to have different apertures towards one end of the house, hence uneven ventilation. The Whaler TCVL system allows inlet vents to be driven from one single point (per side) and still maintain a constant vent gap throughout the length of the house, even though the house temperature changes by up to 15 degC for broilers. The components are made using stainless steel on precision tooling so assuring a high quality, long lasting installation.

Motor Gearboxes

We can supply a range of inlet vent motor/gearboxes for 24Vdc, 230Vac single phase or 3 phase supply voltages and allow bracket/rack systems. Please telephone for details.