Lighting / Dimmers

“Whaler” H.F. Fluorescent Light Fittings

These high frequency type light fittings offer a number of advantages over conventional choke ballast units including:

  • High efficiency which reduces running costs and maximum current demand.
  • Flicker free operation throughout the dimmable lighting range (1% to 100%).
  • Ideal for “Dawn to Dusk” ramping control using our H.F. Microlight dimmer
  • No need for high power triac dimmers or wasteful dummy loads.

APC 15 – Manual Conventional Lighting Dimmer

This dimmer will control conventional fluorescent fittings or tungsten bulbs with a single control knob up to a maximum output of 12A at 230Vac. It is available with a built-in time clock and/or lane switches. Each output lane is fuse protected.

Micro Light

This microcomputer based power controller (230V 12A Maximum) tested to EN 55022B may be operated in either automatic mode, employing internal or external timelock or manually using the front panel controls. The unit provides simulated  dawn and dusk periods of up to 30 minutes which enables birds to rouse and roost naturally without stress. Both fluorescent dimmable agriculture fittings (2ft, 4ft, 5ft) and incandescent lamps may be controlled, with \\\\\\\”voltage capping\\\\\\\” techniques to reduce energy costs.

Manufactured in different versions:

  • Version 1: Adjustable dawn and dusk periods, but requires external timeclock. Ideal for retro-fitting to upgrade installations.
  • Version 2: Adjustable dawn and dusk periods, up to 5 switchable output channels, again requires external timelock.
  • Version 3: Incorporates adjustable timelock and dawn and dusk periods, up to 4 switchable output channels. 

H.F. Lighting Manual Dimmer

This high frequency fluorescent lighting controller allows simple manual adjustment of lighting intensity by a single control knob. The unit has a built-in 24 hour time clock, manual override switches, fuse protection and terminals for 240Vac mains and 0-10Vdc control signal.

H.F. Microlight – Dawn/Dusk Lighting Dimmer

The Whaler H.F. Microlight high frequency fluorescent controller employs the latest state of the art technology to control the light output of H.F. type fittings. Each light is connected to the 230v 50hz supply and by varying an isolated low voltage control signal it is possible to provide 1-100% illumination control. Each H.F. fitting has internal electronic circuitry that generates the high frequency supply and ensures accurate control without any flicker at very high efficiency. The unit enables Dawn/Dusk type operation with a built in time clock. Adjustment of settings is achieved by simple push buttons for the following parameters:

  • Actual Light Level 0 – 100% (Auto or Manual mode)
  • Minimum Intensity 0 – 100%
  • Maximum Intensity 100 – 0%
  • Ramp Up Time 1 – 60 mins
  • Ramp Down Time 1 – 60 mins
  • Security Password

Dual Dimmer – Custom Made Dimmers

We are able to design and build special lighting dimmers to customers requirements. Examples include:

  • Multiple dimming chassis in metal enclosures for high power applications.
  • Separate control of centre and outside rows for nest box houses
  • Dimmers that incorporate a photo cell to turn lights off during daylight hours to save electricity.